Preparing Your Home for a Photo ShootGeneral Guidelines

  • Open all the lights inside your home to guarantee maximum illumination. This will help “warm up” the feel in the photographs.
  • Make a point to plugged in and change any burnt out lights.
  • If you have any pets, place them in a room that has as of now been photographed (or in the carport) to abstain from deterring the photo shoot.
  • Abstain from strolling before the camera or seeing your appearance in a mirror, stay behind the photographic artist since wide angle lens capture more area.
  • Close or open any TV and/or PC screens during the photo shoot if requested.
  • Perform your home organizing a day before and not during the photo shoot.

Guidance for outside photographs

Unclutter the front of the house!

  • Provide your photographer with reasonable perspective of the property’s facade. Park your cars in the carport and/or when possible on the other side of the road, for this will obstruct the view of the whole house.
  • Remove any things that could divert your home’s style: garbage containers, hockey or ball nets, scoops, old newspapers, magazines and advertising bags.
  • Put these things in the storage shed or towards the back of the house.
  • In the winter, clear the snow from the driveway and walkways, making a point to additionally clear the front steps.
  • Apply any salt, stone dust or de-icing product to minimize the impact of frosty patches from the road to your home. You are liable for any awful mishaps from visitors, brokers… and even photographers!
  • In the late spring, verify that the yard is very much prepped and that the grass has been cut.

Make a point to give access to the back of the property!

  • Particularly in winter, see to it that the photographer can access the backyard by clearing a walkway to the property.
  • In the summer, the yard and garden tools, water hoses, pool items and toys, and clothing hanged on the clothesline have all been removed from sight before the photo session starts.
  • In the event that you have any pets, please check if excrement have been cleaned from the yard.

Guidance for inside photographs

The vestibule/entryway

  • Store large coat racks or if not possible remove hanging coats from them.
  • Store away any shoes, boots, umbrellas and other dress things.
  • Remove any small mats or carpets placed on the floor of the vestibule, unless needed due to climate conditions.

Living room

  • Maintain a clutter free look! A rocking chair, too many plants, too many decorative pillows, TV/DVD remotes lying around and excessive picture frames will redirect attention away from the room.


  • Unclutter your countertops from food processors, bread boxes, dirty dishes, pots and pans in the sink will all bring down your kitchen’s appeal.
  • To avoid the feeling that you’re concealing some flooring deformities (broken tile, ceramics etc.) remove any mats and rugs on the kitchen floor.
  • Remove any dishwashing cloths from the range door or anything dangling from cupboards.
  • De-customize the room: remove any personal photos, drawings, memorabilia and magnets from your refrigerator.
  • Conceal during the photo shoot any waste/garbage bins.
  • In the event that you have pets, store away any feeding dishes/bowls. You may need to ask the photographer if bird cages should be removed as well.


  • Make sure the beds are properly made in every room.
  • Remove from plain sight any clothing, toys and games, smart phones, computers not stored in their right spot, and so forth.
  • Remove or conceal unnecessary things, for example, exercise machines (bicycles, treadmills, and so on).
  • Store away any small rugs and carpet on the bedroom floor.

Bathrooms and powder rooms

  • Lower the toilet seat and/or close the lid.
  • Store away any used towels, shower robe or other things hanging behind the door.
  • Store away any bottles, soaps, shampoos from the edge of the bathtub and inside the shower.
  • Store away any toothpaste, toothbrushes from the sink, hair items and other products from the sink.
  • Store away any tissue paper box, waste basket, hampers and other non-stylish things.
  • Store away any small mats and floor coverings on the bathroom floor.

About the real photograph shoot

Once your Real Estate broker has put in his/her request for a photograph shoot, one of our department colleagues will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment. The schedule is planned on a particular day, and a 2-hour time span is assigned taking into account your availability.

During the photo shoot, the photographer will explain briefly the procedure of the shoot and at times offer extra guidelines and/or recommendations. The photographer will then proceed with the photo shoot of the interior rooms to which he/she is offered access to; followed by photograph shoot of the house exterior. The photographer will then choose and distinguish the photos which best highlight the home’s allure.

More often than not, carports, closets (standard and walk-in, tool shed, storage room and electrical rooms ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHED. These areas turn out to be extremely helpful to store away undesirable things that are not supposed to appear during home staging photo shoot.

The photographer will take a proportionate number of photographs that best speaks of your home. Every photo shoot will take around 30-45 minutes. On the off chance that you have particular request, please inform the photographer prior to the start of the shoot.  If you have individual photographs of your home that you wish to incorporate, you must submit them to your Real Estate broker (and not the photographer).

It is would be time consuming for the photographer to show you right away the images his/her camera during the photograph shoot. But don’t worry, photographs will be chosen and be made available typically the following business day or two, if no specialized issues emerge.

Donald Abdelhay
Real Estate Broker

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