Donald Abdelhay, An Experienced BrokerDonald Abdelhay is an accomplished business man pursuing his evolution as a Real Estate Broker. At a young age he undertook with courage and tenacity different professional orientations. He decides to go into business, investing time and money and opens three furniture stores. In 1981 he starts in real estate and buys his first commercial property in Valleyfield for his furniture store selling quebec made and imported design furniture. Then a second adjacent property was bought. After 16 years in this domain, he takes a real estate course and obtains his real estate brokers’ permit. He starts as a mortgage broker and moves to the south shore. In 2008 Mr. Abdelhay becomes a broker for Proprio Direct, and puts at your service his expertise and professionalism.

If your buying or selling a property.

Contact Mr. Abdelhay at 514-949-7868.




It is a privilege and an honour to serve you. Having your own broker may allow you to save 10,000$, 20,000$ and even more by avoiding negotiating with the listing (seller’s) broker yourself.

Indeed, my services include negotiating with the (seller’s) broker to obtain the lowest price, the best conditions for you, and protecting your interests. The Listing (seller’s) broker’s main objective is to obtain the highest selling price for his client, and mine is to get the lowest price for you!


My expertise will render a legitimate value of the property, therefore protecting your interests from an overpriced property. I will also supply the professional advice linked to notary, legal and civil procedures to ensure your experience of buying a property goes as smooth as possible.


You may see an interesting property on the internet or while driving, and if you are looking for information, please do not call the listing broker. Instead, please call me for any information concerning the property, as my services are completely free for you. Make sure to mention you are represented by a broker at any “open houses” you visit.

(Present my business card if you have one to show)


If you are planning a visit, most brokers require a 24h notice, but it is easy for me to arrange an appointment and provide the complete listing. This will certainly avoid any conflicts with the listing broker.

Your fidelity is greatly appreciated and I will ensure 7/7 day  service!


I sincerely thank you again!