Good Impression: Key to Selling your House Faster!

Bad ImpressionAs the saying goes, first impressions last. Thus, you need to make a good first impression when it comes to putting your home on the market.

The Outside

The outside appearance of your house is amazingly essential. An enticing outside will pull in buyers and urge them to check your home. A well-maintained yard adds to the curb appeal. During the winter months, a few photographs of the yard during the summer are helpful so that prospective buyers will have an idea how it looks like. A cleared passageway and clean windows will have a major impact.

The Inside

Tidiness is essential inside the house. De-clutter your home by removing unnecessary items. This will open up the ambience so buyers don’t feel cramped.

Newly painted properties get sold faster. Why not put on a fresh coat of paint? Pick the right color; neutrals have more appealing tones to most people. Keep in mind that dull hues can be unfavorable to a deal. In the event that you can’t change your carpet in time of the showing, having it cleaned will help give the rooms an invigorating new look since it can likewise be a deciding element.

The kitchen and washroom must be perfect. Take the time to clean all the appliances as well as the fixtures. Unclutter the counters and don’t leave dirty dishes or towels. Give buyers an opportunity to picture out the unlimited potential of their future home.

Minor repairs are relatively inexpensive and will help buyers shape a positive assessment of your home. Thus, fix all the leaks, defective door handles, broken drawers and cupboards. Yellowed switch plates and burned out lights needing replacing as well.

Making Atmosphere

Overall, your home must be well ventilated so buyers aren’t turned off by unnecessary smell. Ample lighting is also important. At daytime, keep the drapes open and turn lights on at night. Put additional lights in dull corners, if needed.

Allow your broker to deal with the client alone. It will be less demanding for the broker to highlight your home’s strong selling points without you and the guest will have the capacity to voice remarks and impressions uninhibitedly. Thus, it’s essential to be discrete when potential buyers are coming in for a showing.

Donald Abdelhay
Real Estate Broker

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