Quebec land transfer tax

Land transfer tax in Quebec (taxe de bienvenue) is different outside of Montreal. The tax is collected and calculated at the municipal level. The base amount (i.e. the value of the property) used in the calculation is first determined to be the greater of:

  • The purchase price of the property
  • The amount listed on the Deed of Sale
  • The market value of the property determined by a municipal assessment roll increased by a comparative factor

Once the base amount is determined, land transfer tax in Quebec is then governed by the following scale:

Value of property Marginal Tax Rate
The first $50,000 ($0 to $50,000) 0.5%
On the next $200,000 ($50,001 to $250,000) 1.0%
On the amount over $250,000 1.5%



Enter the highest amount between the sale price and the municipal evaluation:


0.5% on the first $ 50,000 $
1.0% of the portion between $ 50,001 and $ 250,000 $
If outside of Montreal 1.5% on the portion that exceeds $ 250,001 $
If within Montreal, 1.5% on the portion between $ 250,001 and $ 500,000 $
2% on the portion that exceeds $ 500,001 $
Land Transfer Taxes: $