Why DO YOU Need a Real Estate Broker to SELL Your Home, Condominium or Property?

why choose real estate brokerEvery homeowner planning to sell their house has two alternatives: either work with a real estate broker or attempt to do it all alone. With all the accessible selling information from various websites, you might well ask yourself why you need to collaborate with a real estate broker. Remember, any real estate transaction is not simple and gets more complicated in the long run, from evaluations, negotiations, buyer qualification and house inspections, filling out legal documents, examining inclusions and exclusions, and selecting an occupancy date are but a few of a large number of variables.

Real estate brokers have the fundamental abilities to effortlessly guide you through each of the processes. Aside from the fact that real estate professionals train under a rigorous program, their knowledge, network, experience of the ins and outs of many transactions, and their expertise with the art of evaluation and negotiation, make them the perfect partner to sell your home, condominium or other property in no time.

The idea of saving money, confidence in their ability, and that their property will sell itself are the main factors driving owners try to sell their property themselves, based on the recent study conducted by the OACIQ. However, sellers that decide to live by these convictions miss out on the upsides of working with a real estate broker and overlook that the broker is the most skilled and fair-minded in the matter of getting the best cost under the best conditions.

Accessing Quebec’s real estate broker through the inter-agency registration service (Centris, MLS) enables owners to gain a greater deal of visibility among buyers and other real estate brokers working for them. Most homeowner selling their property on their own overlooks the facts that most buyers are now calling upon the help of a real estate broker and will in this way not be interested with properties sold by their owners, as their broker won’t help them in the purchasing process. Moreover, assuming responsibility of every step of the whole home selling process, including property visits, negotiations and contract signing, is a procedure that calls for broad experience and hours of work. By working with a real estate broker, sellers free themselves of these errands, save time, dodging mix-ups and keeping their peace of mind.

Donald Abdelhay
Real Estate Broker

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